Education scholarships are provided via online by our education partner directly via online.

Application for part or full scholarship

Applicant details :


    • The education scholarships are provided to women and girls only. The successful applicants are notified via email
    • The Empowering women organisation does not take any responsibility for the delivery of any education directly but merely acts as a representative body to raise scholarship funds through corporate sponsorship.
    • All funds are provided directly to the training provider and all sponsorships are limited to available sponsors at any time.
    • The FULL and PART scholarship funds are limited, available to qualified recipients only and conditions apply. The conditions are provided by teh education institutions, theor terms of agreement are documented for the purpose of training services to any
      individual commencing their studies. All studies are provided on an online basis only
    • The applications are open at a time when the number of offers are available from partner institutions
    • The organisation reserves the rights to cancel, refuse and terminate any agreement of scholarships, if applicant is found to be unworthy recipient by way of giving notice via email communication.
    • ‘The organisation’ serves as an immediate agent but not as an education provider.
    • It is personally not responsible for the full delivery of the education but serves as an agent representative to sponsor education providers.
    • The education provider who is responsible to deliver is responisble to deliver according to their own policy.
    • All qualifications are only issued by the education provider. Once a person receives training, all issues are direclt related to the training provider. The Empowering Women Pty Ltd does not take responisibility for any issues relating to the performance or
      standards provided by the training provider and do not take any responisbility if for any reson the training company ceases to exit or stopped entirely from trading.