Our Ambition

  • Generosity and Giving: By focusing on scholarships, we are directly addressing a critical need for financial support among individuals facing crises. This approach not only provides solutions to equal opportunities globally, but empowers recipients through education, which can have long-term benefits.
  • Partnership with Education Providers: Collaborating with education partners who deliver services online ensures that your support reaches beneficiaries efficiently and effectively. This partnership model likely enhances the reach and impact of your scholarships. Our present partner and sponsor who offers part and full scholarships are ACIT & IFTV College www.acit.edu.au located in Gold Coast Queensland Australia. We seek other institutions to support us by way of sponsorships, donations and provision of resources. The scholarship is available only for adults aged 18 and above and must have completed high school in their country of residence. Other special circumstances will be measured and offers can also be made to individuals with difficult situations ( eg : Victims of war)
  • Varied Scholarship Amounts: Offering scholarships that vary based on available resources and finances demonstrates flexibility and responsiveness to individual needs. This approach allows you to maximize the impact of your funding while meeting diverse financial requirements. To ensure that we can provide equal opportunity we have two kinds of scholarships :

         1/ Empowering women scholarships for women and girls in crises (full scholarships)

         2/ Part scholarships for special needs students (irrespective of sex, race or gender)

  • Non-Discriminatory Application Assessment: Assessing applications based solely on individual circumstances, without considering race or country of origin, promotes fairness and inclusivity. This ensures that support is allocated based on genuine needs and personal circumstances.

Applications must be submitted in writing. It is acceptable that a person may have a parent or local Justice of Peace to identify and validate the details of the applicant.

Applicants must include with the letter of application their birth certificate, passport and any previous studies completed to the best of their ability. The documents must be certified correct by the Justice of peace of any equivalent in any country from which applications are received.

  • Limitations and Offerings: Being transparent about the limitations imposed by funding constraints is important for managing expectations. Offering both partial and full scholarships extends our ability to support to a broader range of eligible candidates.

The approval process can take up to 30 days from the date of the applicant as it will be individually assessed by the Empowering Women Board of Advisors.

Our board of advisers consists of professionals in careers who are volunteering to serve in the capacity of supporting global women empowerment through the Empowering Women organisation.